Thai Language Lessons

Thai Language Lessons Koh Tao

If you plan on living in Thailand, a sensible thing to do is to learn the Thai language. There are many reasons why it is important that you should learn to speak and read Thai.

1. Better Understand Thai People & The Culture.

2. Communicate Effectively With Your Thai Business partner.

3. Stop Yourself Getting Lost!

4. Make Real Thai friends.

5. Stop Feeling Paranoid!

6. Our classes are designed for you to learn and also be enjoyable.

Where anything is possible!!  So, you'd like to learn Thai? You have come to the right place. We hope you will discover the Joy of learning Thai here.

All classes are small groups, taught by a professional Thai teacher in a friendly atmosphere. Easy to understand and flexible timetable. Prices vary from

3,950 baht (253 baht / hour) • 14 Lessons and 1 Final Test at the end.

850 baht - 3 hours • Short term 3 Beginners Speaking Lessons

500 baht per hour • Writing & Reading in a Private Class

1500 baht - 3 hours • Private short term 3 Lessons / 3 hours

500 baht per hour • Speaking & Listening in a Private Class   

1500 baht - 3 hours • Private short term 3 Lessons / 3 hours

Time: 6pm - 7pm Everyday        Mon & Tue: 1pm - 9pm   


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